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Monday, September 24, 2012

It Takes A Cell Phone To Raise A Child

See How Your Cell Phone Can Become Part Of The Village & Help Save Lives!
Thought for the day: It used to take a village to raise a child. Today, it takes a cell phone to raise a child.

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure to finally meet Sherry Friedlander, founder of A Child Is Missing.  I have spoken to Sherry & worked with her remotely for about two years.  A Child Is Missing is one of the amazing Dream Nonprofit organizations featured in & benefiting from my book. Visiting their headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale gave me a new perspective on the dreams that Sherry's organization is fulfilling & it's future goals & aspirations. 

Sherry Friedlander with Dr. Lavi in Ft. Lauderdale
The new office is not fancy or spacious, but it is filled with a dedicated staff that is on call 24/7 protecting every child (including Autistic and Down Syndrome), disabled or elderly person (often with Alzheimer’s) in the United States of America. It is the modern day village helping to keep children safe. When I arrived, I was taken down a short hallway decorated with walls of pictures of Sherry with famous supporters of her mission from Barack Obama to Senators Orrin Hatch, Utah; Robert Menendez, NJ; Rep. Steve Chabot, Ohio;  Rep. Ted Deutch, FL;  Senator John Cornyn, TX; Rep. Allen West, FL;  Former Rep. Ron Klein, FL;  State Reps. Sharon Beasley- Teague, GA;  Barbara Ballard, Kansas to name just a few. In a small office with a computer, I was given a demonstration of how the missing person alert system works. As soon as a call comes in from a police department from anywhere in the United States, information is collected about the missing person. The person on call enters information about the missing person into a sophisticated computer program which generates an alert that includes their description, what they were wearing & where they were last seen. The computer produces a map & can facilitate a phone call to 1000 phone numbers per minute within a specific radius of where the person disappeared. They have made over 1,196 safe assisted recoveries at present.

I'd like to share with you two critical pieces of information that will help you become part of this modern day "village" & help save lives that I learned yesterday:

1) DON’T WAIT! You should not wait to call the police when someone goes missing. The sooner you notify the authorities, the better the chances of finding them safe & sound.

2) Register your cell phone & YOU CAN  HELP SAVE LIVES!  I learned that this amazing network needs everyone in the United States help. The system was developed before cell phones began to replace ground lines. As people switch from ground lines to cell phones, A Child Is Missing needs access to cell phone numbers to call in an emergency to help find a missing person. If a child, elderly or disabled person goes missing your cell phone might help find them.  You have to opt in with your cell number. Just go to and register your cell phone number. You can help save a life.

You can also support A Child Is Missing's dreams to expand the village by buying The Wake Up and Dream Challenge. Go to this link & when you check out, put the words, “A Child Is MIssing” in the comments section. On half of the profits will be contributed to A Child Is Missing.

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