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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Celebration: If You Celebrate Easter, Happy Holiday! If not, Happy Spring!

Thought for the Day: Finally, spring seems to have arrived. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! If you celebrate Easter, Happy Holiday! If not, Happy Spring!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Saturday's Songs for the Soul: "Brave" by Sara Bareilles with a Video That Will Touch Your heart

Thought for the Day: I have heard the song "Brave" on the radio and found the lyrics inspiring, but when I searched for the song on YouTube, I found an even more inspiring video that gives the song an even more powerful message, which brought tears to the eyes of singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles, who created the hit song. 

#FF Friday's Fabulous Finds: #TFF2014, Secret to Learning Anything, Wikipedia Predicting Flu & More

Thought for the Day: Yesterday I saw two great movies at the #TFF2014 the Tribeca Film Festival. If you are in the NYC area it is well worth the wait in a Rush line to catch some films. We saw Gabriel and Goodbye to All That. I would recommend both. In Lou Howe, writer and director's first feature film, "Gabriel," a glimpse of life from the perspective of a teenager struggling with mental illness is portrayed in a stellar performance by Rory Culken
     The movie, "Goodbye to all That," is Actor/Writer, Angus MacLachlan's (the writer of Junebug (2005)) first time in the director's chair. I was embarrassed to learn that the therapy scene in the movie was based on one of MacLachlan's friends actual experiences. I had assumed that it was fantasy designed to get laughs. Trust me, most therapists do not behave the way you will see in this film. If you encounter a therapist who takes over someone's life and speaks for a client like the one in this movie, find another therapist. The lively discussions following the both films were interesting and thought provoking, giving a glimpse into the creative process of film making.
Today's other finds generated through Flipboard include some amazing photos of the Northern lights, The Secret to Learning How to Do Anything with tips from martial arts, a tweet by Karlee Silver about a study that finds kindergarten teachers can make up for deficits in children's mothers' education, a study that found that Wikipedia can predict flu season, an article on the importance of surrounding yourself with challenging people.

Thursday's Psychology Trivia Question: IQ Counts 4 What % of Success In Life?

Thought for the Day: Today I am reposting an older trivia question and adding some additional information. Here's Thursday's Psychology Trivia Question:

Psychologists generally agree that among the ingredients for success:

        a)  IQ counts for roughly 10%, 

        b)  IQ counts for roughly 50%,
        c)   IQ counts for roughly 80%, or
        d)  IQ counts for roughly 90%

What do you think the answer is? Read more for the answer.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Words of Wisdom: Parenting Teens in a World Filled with Violence

Thought for the Day: I'm still catching up and posting late in the day, but taking time off always puts things a bit off schedule. Today's quote arose from a session with a client about their 16 year old daughter. My client and his wife were having a difference of opinion on whether to allow their daughter to take walks to town and back in the early evening by herself. My client feels they live in a safe community with a few stores, coffee shops, a library and a small movie theater less than a mile from their home. He could not understand why his wife was worried. I played devil's advocate and asked my client what he thought his wife's fears might be.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday's Psychology Tips: How to Be a Healthy Mom

Thought for the Day: Still celebrating Passover which has led to a very late posting today, but I wanted to post a Psychology Tip. Mothers often put everyone else's needs before their own. Many women have been taught that self care is equivalent to being selfish. However, it is important the take care of yourself so that you will have the energy to care for others.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday's Comic Strips: The Joy of Tech: Not the Best Marital Communication Technique

Thought for the Day: Here's a funny comic for your Sunday enjoyment from Joy of Tech. As a psychologist, I would not recommend this as the best communication technique for couples. 
Have a great weekend!