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Friday, November 2, 2012

Whether the Glass Is 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty Make The Most With What You Have Left

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Thought for the day: Before the storm I saw a similar photo which I posted on facebook. In light of Hurricane Sandy, the thought has additional significance. Be thankful that you still have a glass and that there is something in it. Some people have only broken glass and their lives, otheres have lost loved ones as well as homes & belongings. If you were fortunate enough to have more, be the glass & contents for your neighbors, friends & strangers. Adversity leads to creative problem solving out of necessity. I'll be sharing some of the creative ways people are helping one another here in my town, but I'd love to hear other ways you & your towns' innovative ways of coping with the aftermath of the storm.

As I reported on facebook, I was lucky. Although we lost power & are still in the dark at home, there is a lot of light coming from the town & neighbors. This is the 3rd time in the last year and a half that CT has been hit by extensive power outages. The last one a year ago left us without power for 2 wks.  Because of the extended power outages in the past, our town was ready to jump into action.

The morning after the storm a tree on my street was cut so that one lane of cars could get by. There were however hundreds of streets impacted by fallen trees. Yesterday, when we came to the "comfort station" set up at the high school, I realized how happy I was to see wood chipping & landscaping trucks all over town. I also saw CLP crews working everywhere I went. The license plates of electric crews were from KT, TX, CA and even Canada.

People are helpful wherever you go as well. On the 1st day after the storm while we worked to clear a tree from our mailbox & driveway,  a neighbor we had only met once stopped, brought their chain saw & helped us cut both trees. Since we only had a hand saw, they saved us hours of labor.

The town comfort station has hot meals for $2.00 to $5.00, hot showers, power strips & tables set up for people to use the internet, for children, the gym, a ping pong room, all the fields outside & movies are being aired a few times a day, & water is available for all to take. Last night, since the temperatures were forecast to go into the 30's they also provided cots for residents to sleep at the high school.

Today was the first time that I actually looked at some of the damage in other parts of the northeast & is is upsetting to see. I feel lucky that what I am dealing with is minimal. If you are reading this & can become part of the glass or the contents of the glass for people who have suffered greater losses, do what you can. Even a call & words of support may help someone get through these tough times.

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