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Monday, November 5, 2012

If Nature Was A Mother There Would Be No Hurricanes

Thought for the day: Having just had my electricity restored late last night, I am just beginning to see the images of devastation from Hurricane Sandy. I saw bits and pieces at the comfort station on the internet while dealing with the minor issues I faced on my property & with staying warm. I have been thinking that the term, "Mother Nature," is a misnomer. When we see the beauty of nature it seems appropriate. However, if nature was a mother there would be no hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes.

Now that I have power, I have been seeing & reading posts by New York Says Thank You Foundation & others in areas hit harder than me. Here's a post from NY Says Thank You's Facebook page today: "QUICK UPDATE: Robin Levitin and Jill Smilow made 200 PB&J sandwiches for us to distribute in the Rockaways and dropped off the box at my house. Josh and I just took some of the sandwiches to distribute to people on the gas line at 96th and West End Ave. The 4th car was a woman from the Rockaways who has been on the gas line since 6:30AM who asked me how many sandwiches we could spare for her to share with her neighbors in the Rockaways?. WE JUST FED 200 PEOPLE IN THE ROCKAWAYS BY GOING TO WEST END AVENUE AND 96TH STREET. Think Global. ACT local. " NY Says Thank You is one of the NPO's featured in my book & I am not surprised to see how they have jumped into action to help.

Today was the first day that I could reflect on what has been happening. Other than to be friendly & helpful when I could in my community, I did not have the energy much more than observe & write a bit on the blog & facebook. I found making photos with inspirational comments was the most I could do (two are shown below). Today, I spoke with some people about helping as a psychologist in my area & possibly preparing a video that could tell other towns about the creative ways they met the challenges for this community. I described them in my last post, but cannot praise their efforts enough. The small town of Weston serviced many other towns around here with meals, beds, showers, movies & activities for children, & busing for the elderly from here & the surrounding area.

It is too soon to report about it in detail, since there may be another storm in two days hitting the region with rain & snow. However, I will be telling the story in the coming weeks. Weston CT which has been hit three times with major storms in the last year & a half took over when nature has reared it's un-motherly wrath & nurtured the community with grace, creativity & amazing organization.

I'd love to hear how you & your town are faring & meeting the challenges that the storm has given you. If you are not on the northeast, how have you helped? Our maternal instincts can help our neighbors recover from the wrath of nature's un-motherly side.

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