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Monday, October 1, 2012

Are You the Writer of Your Life? Or Do You Let Circumstances take Charge?

Photo from Fungole on Google+

Thought for the Day: Are you the writer of your life? Or do you let circumstances take charge? We may not have control of all the circumstances that confront us in life, but we do have control over how we react to the circumstances.

Today I am doing some work for Cigna EAP, helping a corporation with a layoff. It is not an easy job, but I help out whenever I can at what are called 'critical incidents.' These incidents include things like helping employees after bank robberies, the death of an employee or like today, a lay off. I am here to help people who want to speak with a psychologist to process the gamut of emotions that arise when a layoff occurs.

Most people do not know about the consideration that can go into the process of a layoff. When a company takes the time & spends the necessary resources to do all they can to help their employees with the impact of a layoff, especially during these difficult financial times, it is impressive. I try to take these assignments, since I know that i can help large numbers of people in a short span of time & see this as preventative medicine. I am here for the managers helping to prepare them for the difficult but necessary task of letting colleagues go. Believe me, they do not do this with ease. Often they come in to talk about their discomfort. In addition to helping the people whose lives are about to be changed often suddenly & drastically, I am here to help with the fears & fall out associated with a layoff, for those who are remaining at the company. It is impossible to survive a layoff without wondering, "Will I be next in line?'

Yesterday, while thinking about the work I would be doing today, I was saw the photo by Fungole at the top of this post on Google+. The message struck a chord for me. "You are the writer of your life." When confronted with a layoff, most people do not feel like the writers of their lives. They feel more like characters in a movie scripted by the corporation. Although feelings of anger, shock, sadness & helplessness are all part of the normal reaction to the loss of a job, they are still the writers of their lives. How people deal with the challenges in life dictate the outcomes.

In other posts I have related stories of how people have overcome all kinds of adversity. Many of the organizations featured in my book were founded by people at challenging moments in their lives. They found creative ways to  help people overcome challenges. (How a Motorcycle Accident & a Fire Rekindled a Dream, Thriving on Stormy & Sunny Days, Is An Illness or Disability Stopping You From Dreaming?, When Life Gives You Lemons, Open a Lemonade Stand) If you are feeling down & question whether you are still the author of your life, take a moment & find ways to take back the pen & start writing the next chapter of your life. You may want to take a look at some of my past posts to see how others have turned negative situations into opportunities, often with very few financial resources.

If you are challenged & discouraged & would like some help finding ways to take charge of your life story, feel free to post your questions or comments. I will reply to all comments.

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Barbara Lavi said...

These comments came via Facebook & I thought it would be good to share them:
Barbara Lavi Thanks Michael A. Marzola
22 minutes ago
Michael A. Marzola Its just so hard to see if you are doing the right thing when you are in the moment!
20 minutes ago
Michael A. Marzola And writers get to go back and edit ;)
20 minutes ago
Barbara Bogdanow Lavi We are constantly rewriting & changing the endings!
10 minutes ago
Barbara Bogdanow Lavi There is no "right," we discover what is right as we go, trial & error & risk are part of the process.
8 minutes ago