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Monday, March 11, 2013

Motivational Mondays: #Gunsense Send Your Message to Congress

Thought for the Day: This Monday, I'd like to start the week off by helping you have a voice in Washington DC, but I will need your help to do it. Those of you following my blog have seen multiple posts about the rising violence in our society. As a psychologist, I am concerned about the traumatic impact this rise in violence has on our society. From bullying (Bullying Part I, Bullying Part IIBullying Part III , Bullying Part IV), to intolerance, to educational & mental health proposals to the Newtown tragedy, I have been raising my voice for saner gun control, more respect & tolerance in our society. I have written to the president asking for changes not only in gun control, but also in education & mental health provisions to help curb bullying & violence in our schools & society. This Wednesday, I will get a chance to speak my mind with senators & congressmen in Washington DC when I join a nonpartisan group of concerned mothers & fathers, Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America. Statistically 90% of Americans want more #gunsense when it comes to legislation about safer control of guns, ie. enforcing background checks, closing loopholes which allow transfers of guns without background checks, & stopping of gun trafficking of illegal guns from state to state.

I would like your help today. If you have something you hope I will be able to convey to representatives in congress, please post a comment. I will bring along a print out with your comments to leave with every representative that I see. Feel free to write your feelings about the rise in gun violence & how it has impacted you, your children & your community. You are all experts on how the news about Newtown, Aurora & other gun violence have impacted on you. If you are a parent, how did you feel when you sent your children to school on the bus after the Newtown tragedy? Are you worried about their safety? Do you want teachers to carry guns? Have your children asked you questions that you are struggling to answer? If you are a retired teacher in Indiana, Wyoming or anywhere in the United States who found yourself crying all weekend after Newtown, write about it. If you are a therapist & have been speaking with your clients about their fears & concerns, please write about what your clients are feeling.  Your voice, feelings & experiences are important.

I will be joining mothers (& fathers) from across the nation for a day long event followed by a press conference with Senators Barbara Boxer & Diane Feinstein as two of the slated speakers. I will share my thoughts & impressions here as soon as possible, so check back often. (I may add additional posts or change the line up of posts, so this might be a good time to follow or set up an RSS feed of the blog.)

Please post whatever messages you would like to have me bring to the hill!

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