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Friday, August 1, 2014

#FF Wonderful Weekend Review: Psychology, Music, Dance, Photography, Comics & More

Thought for the Day: This morning as I went through my various social network sites' feeds, I found a song by +Mary Gauthier, a great singer songwriter who attended several of my songwriting retreats many years ago, before she sold a small Cajun restaurant in Boston and decided to devote her life to her music. When I tried to find the post using flipboard. I could not find it, but found many other great songs, photos, videos and articles to share with you today. Be sure to check out +Sarah McLachlan's rendition of  "The Rainbow Connection,"and LIGHTS singing "Drive My Soul." A great video showing how 3 musicians surprised a homeless man. There are two dance videos, one that may help change the trend in the dance world to turn away dancers who don't fit the image usually required for professional dance troupes. Keep reading to find an article on ways that hiking is good for your mental and physical health and another on how to motivate yourself to do things you don't want to do. My heart is heavy each time I hear the news from the fighting in Gaza and Israel. I chose a few things about how to make peace and helping others in need. Sadly, it does not look like the efforts to attain a cease fire are holding.
Read on to listen to "Oh Soul" Marry Gauthier's new song...

I can't figure out how to put the video into the magazine, so I am sharing it here:
It is clearly a great song for Saturday's Songs for the Soul.
Published on Aug 1, 2014
Song: Oh Soul from the Album Trouble and Love
Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar - Mary Gauthier
Additional Vocals - Darrell Scott
Electric Guitar - Guthrie Trapp
Upright Bass - Viktor Krauss

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