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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday's Psychology Tip & Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: Every Challenge in Life Is an Opportunity to Grow Don't Let Depression Blind You

Thought for the Day: I am again playing summertime catchup. Today's Psychology Tip is combined with some Words of Wisdom.

Every challenge in life Is an opportunity to grow: Don't let depression make you lose sight of the opportunity.

Depression is like a thief. It invades your body and drains the energy, joy and vitality from it's victims.
It may even feel like depression has captured the person's soul. Like a robber who encounters the occupants of the home they have broken into, depression may blindfold it's victims. Many people suffering from depression lose sight of all opportunities feeling stuck and hopeless. However, there are opportunities in every life challenge and depression is no exception. Sometimes just knowing that there growth can happen from recovery from depression can help tolerate being held hostage by depression.

I met a young woman who is struggling with loss. Here's is a reactive, "normal" depression filled with the tears and sorrow of deep felt grief. Less than a year ago, in her early thirties, she became a widow. I just met her, so I do not know whether she was always wise beyond her years or has already learned a great deal from the challenges she has faced at such a young age, but she is facing the challenge head on. She knows that she is growing and learning from this devastating experience. She believes there are reasons for everything in life, although she has no reason or explanation for the tragedy that has changed her life.

As she left my office, I reminded her that making sense of a crisis in life takes time. It may take many years before she will understand the purpose of this experience. Look for the opportunities to grow regardless of how depressed you may be. Remember that things change and depression lifts in time.

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