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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bullying Part I: Why Do We Allow Kids to Bully Children Who Are Already in Pain?

Thought for the day: I made a one minute video for today's blog. It is a poem written by Lynn Frederick. If you are a parent, please share it with your children & speak with them about bullying. If you are a teacher consider sharing it with your classroom & start a discussion about bullying & how it hurts children who may already be suffering. If you ever bullied anyone, think about finding them & apologizing. It took 25 years for Lynn Frederick to share this with her classmates who were brought to tears & apologized (See the story in a Huffington Post article). It should not take 25 years to stop the epidemic of bullying. We must teach our children, parents, teachers & our broader communities to be caring & supportive of one another. To eliminate prejudice & bullying, we are all responsible for making respect & tolerance for differences a priority.

I hope this will help you ask & answer some difficult questions. Start the discussion. Please share this with parents, teachers, students & friends.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts & comments on this post & how it helped you open up this difficult, important discussion.

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