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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Part I: How the World Would Change If My Mother Ruled the World

A Gift for Mother's Day

Thought for the day: Need a Mother's Day gift? This YouTube video created by ajj402 would be great for any mother. Ajj402 asks you to, "Please share this with your mothers, grandmothers, or any woman who has made an impact in your life." I hope that my 3 part blog post will inspire you to share here & with your mothers how the lessons your mother taught you would change the world. 
Part I: If My Mother Ruled the World Today, she would have the largest personal page on facebook. You may think Mark Zuckerberg invented facebook. Actually, my mother developed her own personal facebook not long after the zerox machine was invented in 1959. Her one woman social media platform was distributed manually (or should I say womanly) with zerox copies, polaroid photos, an electric typewriter, carbon paper & the US Post Office. She sent out thousands of copies of photos, articles & letters to relatives & friends. She kept everyone informed about her children, grand children, family & friends. Her pride compelled her to share their accomplishments. We neglected writing since we knew she would pass news on a regular basis. 
Electric Typewriter

My mother would embrace the new technologies & teach the world to encourage one another. She would be liking & supporting causes, sharing photos & encouraging friends, family & people she would meet online. Tune in tomorrow for how the world would be if my grandmother ruled the world today.

 How would the world be if your mother, grandmother or you ruled the world? What lessons would they want the world to know? I'd love to hear your stories.
Polaroid SX-70 Model 2 (1960's)

To be continued;
Part II- Mother's Day Series: If My Grandmother Ruled the World
Part III- Mother's Day Series: If My Grandmother, Mother and I Ruled the World.

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