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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bullying Part II: Anti-bullying Assignment Gone Haywire: Should This Student Have Benn Suspended?


This Fake Fictional Video by Jessica Barba, age 15, led to suspension from school

Thought for the day: On Monday, I posted a 1 minute video to share with parents, teachers, & students in the 1st in a 4 part series on Bullying. Today I'm sharing a video made along with a fake Facebook Page as a school project by15 year old High School freshman, Jessica Barba. The project got Jessica suspended for 5 days for "disrupting school" in Middle Island, New York. The video portrays the years of physical & cyber abuse leading up to the character's suicide the day before the video was posted. Although Jessica put disclaimers, letting viewers know that Hailey Bennett, the character portrayed in the video & in the facebook profile was fictitious, a concerned parent of another student, did not see the disclaimers, saw the video, called the police who called to warn the school. The school reacted by suspending Jessica. The suspension lead to the Today Show's interviewer to say, "This just does not make sense," while interviewing Jessica & her parents (the school refused to comment due to student confidentiality rules). Did Jessica deserve to be suspended for posting the video & facebook page that simply tried to encourage others to, "Speak Up, Speak Out Bullying is 100% Preventible." You be the judge should she have been suspended or commended for the project?

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Barbara Lavi said...

On my Facebook Page here's a reaction to video with a shorter post:

Anne Ashby: wow! How could any school see this but a brilliant piece of work

Barbara Bogdanow Lavi: Yes Anne Ashby It is hard to believe how terribly wrong things turned out, I think they may not have viewed it or reacted to the police getting involved.

Anne Ashby: Not sure I understand police involvement? - it was a fictional situation wasnt it?

Barbara Bogdanow Lavi: Yes it was fictional. Another student's parent saw it on Facebook, did not see the disclaimer & called 911. The police called the school & they suspended the student

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