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Friday, September 5, 2014

#FF Wonderful Weekend Review: #Psychology of Happiness, Depression & Learning, NPR: Trampled Turtles, Jimmy Fallon & Adam Levine, & Remebering Joan Rivers

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Thought for the Day: In today's Wonderful Weekend Review, I have selected an array of great #FF Fabulous Finds. On the serious side, there are articles about depression and fighting the stigma of mental illness. On the lighter side, there is a selection of 11 TED Talks on Happiness and suggestions of ways to enhance your learning skills. Sadly, this week we lost another great comedian, Joan Rivers. Since she would want us all to keep laughing, I chose an article with a clip of some of her hilarious jokes. For Saturday's Songs for the Soul, there is a 15 minute video from Tiny Desk Concerts NPR of Trampled Turtles with some great melodies and harmonies. I also chose a hilarious clip of Jimmy Fallon and Adam Levine impersonating Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson and other well known performers. Finally, there are some funny photos of infants, a bunny and a GIF of someone trying to fly for Sunday's Comics.

Have a great weekend!

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