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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday's Psychology Tip: Make Time Your Best Friend (Part I)

Thought for the Day: I started this post yesterday, but am not even sharing what I wrote. Ironically, I had too little time to complete it. Perhaps the scope was too broad for a simple psychology tip and I will use it some other time. Since the Jewish High Holidays start this evening, I saw most of my clients on Monday and Tuesday leaving too little time to write a post I would be willing to publish. Either way, it serves as a lesson about making time your best friend. Best friends are flexible and forgiving with one another. I hope you will be as well. So today, I will be posting Tuesday's Psychology Tip right now, followed by Wednesday's Words of Wisdom later today. To do this, I need your help.

I'm also going to do something slightly different today. I always try to make my posts thought provoking. Today, I want you, my readers, to do more than just think about the post. I'd like to give you an thought provoking assignment. Although it could take longer, all I ask is that you spend one to five minutes on the assignment today. You can come back to it when you have more time, but for today, take just a few minutes. It will help you turn time into your best friend.   Read on to see the assignment...
If you have read this far, I hope you are willing to take a shot at this 2 part assignment;
Part I:
Assuming that you will live long enough to accomplish whatever you hope to accomplish in your life what ten things would you leave as a legacy to your family, friends, community and the world. 
Here are some simple rules:
1) Brainstorm, write the 1st 10 thoughts (it can be just 10 words or short sentences) that come to your mind
2) No editing, this is only a rough draft, there are no right or wrong answers and you will not be graded on your responses
3) Use your imagination. If you are young and have no children or grand children to leave a legacy to yet, imagine that you do and write your legacy to your imaginary future family.
Part II:
Once you have completed this, I would love to have you post either all or some of your list. If you don't feel comfortable sharing your list, share a word or two about how it felt doing the assignment. 

Come back later today for how this assignment will help you make time your best friend.

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