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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: Make Time Your Best Friend Or It May Become Your Worst Enamy

Thought for the Day: On Monday, I showed how time can be the greatest motivator. It can help people change. On Tuesday, I gave you an assignment and promised to explain why it is important in today's post. If you have not read Tuesday's post or completed the brief assignment (5 - 10 minutes), I would encourage you to do it since it will be helpful to you in making time your best friend. Today's quote will give you insight into the task I gave you on Tuesday. Here's the quote, incase the movement makes it a bit hard to digest:
"To make time your best friend, dream as if you have forever and act as if you only have today. To Make time your worst enemy, act as if you have forever and dream as if you only have today."
Here's how you can use this quote and the assignment I gave you to start making time your best friend...

I strongly believe that time can be the greatest motivator. However, it can also be a very powerful inhibitor if you let it. Let's start with how it can be an inhibitor. Many people act as if they have forever. They procrastinate and find excuses for not doing the things they want to do in life. They often feel stuck in their lives. They may hate their job, but it is the only thing they know how to do. In addition to acting as if they have forever, they dream as if they only have today. They would like to go to school to learn another profession, but they are too old, don't have enough time. For them, time becomes an inhibitor and their worst enemy. They regret not going to school when they were younger, but never stop this negative pattern.

People who practice the flip side of this equation, which you can see literally in the above quote, make time their best friend. They dream as if they have forever, which is the essence of Tuesday's assignment. However, there is another part to the assignment, you must act as if you only have today. Each of the 10 dreams which you chose to become your legacy, needs to be turned into action plans which you can work on every day as if all you have is today. No matter how old you are, if you want to change professions, if you start tomorrow, you will complete the process in a few months to a few years. In some ways, just acknowledging what you wish to leave as a legacy helps to keep those dreams active in your mind. It acts like the chain referred to in Monday's blog. The action steps can be part of the overall "don't break the chain" plan to do a little every day to move forward toward the legacy and be the person you wish to become.

If you thought about or wrote down your 10 legacy wishes, take a look at them and ask yourself what you can do every day to insure that you will complete as many of these goals as possible. I know that I have an obligation to use my creativity to teach people as much as I can about how psychology can help them improve their lives. By making time to write my blog, in addition to working with clients in my clinical work, I am working on that legacy every day. This is a modified version of the Dream Positioning System that I teach in my book. Hopefully, it will help you make time your greatest friend.

I will not be writing again till after the Jewish Holiday, but hope you will work on the assignment and tall me how it has impacted on you. Your experiences may help someone else. Feel free to ask me questions as well. Have a wonderful start to fall.

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