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Friday, January 20, 2012

Did a Doll Help You? Dolls Looking For Good Homes

Thought for the day:  Dolls are important to the mental health of children (both boys & girls). Has a doll ever helped you get through a tough time?

Today's blog is a bit different. It is about two projects that you may want to support. They reminded me of the importance of dolls. The projects are sponsored by two of the nonprofit organizations featured in my book, Enchanted Makeovers & Compass to Care. 
     I was first trained as a Clinical Child Psychologist & worked primarily with children & families for eight years before coming to Boston & completing my doctorate. Even though most of my current clients are adults, dolls, puppets & doll houses are still permanent residents of my office. When children are struggling with issues they play them out often with the help of dolls. Connecting with a doll is therapeutic for all children. Dolls, like good therapists, accept their "adopted parents" unconditionally & children can feel supported & loved by a doll.

The 1st project I'd like to tell you about is being sponsored by Enchanted Makeovers. They are asking artisans to donate handmade dolls to be given to children in shelters. The Doll Adoption Project was born out of memories that Terry Grahl, founder & visionary of Enchanted Makeovers has of herself & her dollies. It is her hope to give children in shelters the same gift of unconditional love that her dolls gave to her.
     The Project carries meaning for both the child & the creator. Adopting a doll gives the child the opportunity to nurture & express love.  The creator can sew herself & her story into heart of the doll. Each handmade outfit & hand embroidered face will tap into the creator's inner child, sending a message of love & support to a child in need. The precious eyes will help the doll maker to ''look'' back on what truly made them happy. The embroidered mouth will help let the child find their voice. The hair will remind them that no matter what their life circumstances, they can change it. The outfit will remind them that they are more then what we wear, they are powerful beyond ''measure.'' If you would like to help a child in a shelter, create & send a handmade doll to: Enchanted Makeovers 12663 Hipp St Taylor, MI 48180. Safety: Please only place items on dolls that a child will not choke on. Example: embroidered face or a painted face.

     The second doll I want to tell you about is the Dina Doll. The Dina Doll is named after Michelle Ernsdorff's sister, Dina, who shared many journeys with her when Michelle was dealing with cancer. Every difficult journey is easier when you have a friend by your side. The Dina Doll is more than just a doll, she’s a constant companion to bring the lucky recipient lots of smiles & to hold onto during the tough times. Compass to Care, a nonprofit organization founded by Michelle, helps families with the costs incurred when families need to travel to get treatment for children suffering from cancer.

Get a Dina Doll & help keep your child, or any child, company no matter where they are in their lives. Each doll has a special note placed in the pocket of her Dina Doll’s dress. There is also the Dina Doll story coloring book that comes with each doll.

Whether you choose to give the Dina Doll as a gift to your child or a friend, or donate one to a child with cancer, you’re helping families get their child one step closer to treatment because 100% of your purchase will be used to pay for traveling to the hospital.

     Has a doll helped you through a tough time? I'd love to hear about your doll. My two favorite dolls were Snow White & the 7 plastic dwarfs that came with her & a ballerina doll with life like moving joints, toe shoes & a tutu.


Smadar said...

I love learning about the organizations your book supports. These are such inspiring stories and certainly are amazing examples of those who go after their dreams!
I do remember my first doll, thanks for reminding me!

Barbara Lavi said...

Thanks Smadar. I am really proud to be helping so many wonderful nonprofit organizations.