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Monday, January 9, 2012

How Dreams Can Help Us Give Life Meaning

Thought for the day:
"There are reasons each of us are born. We have to find those reasons." Uncle Iroh Avatar The Last Airbender (via SolarElephant) on Tumblr

     I admit it, I did not see the movie, but I love the quote. It is a perfect example of how someone's dream became a movie which led to an inspirational quote which ended up on the internet, reached me & now you. Sometimes we get stuck thinking that there is just one mission we are here to accomplish, but there are multiple missions & reasons for our existence. They come in all sizes from making someone smile to finding joy, visiting someone who is sick to finding a cure for cancer, learning to fish to teaching a hungry person to fish or how to make a living, building a family to founding an organization like A Child Is Missing (from the last post). Before we know the reasons we are born, we must experience life, learn, & try many things. To try new things we need to be able to dream that we are capable of doing whatever we imagine ourselves doing. The more we are able to believe in our dreams the more opportunities we have to find our purpose & give meaning to life.

From working with children, I believe we all are capable of dreaming. However, some of us lose sight of our dreams. Life circumstances get in the way & we begin to doubt that our dreams are attainable. The more I work with clients struggling to make meaning of their lives & helping them to reconnect with their dreams, the more I believe that with the right tools neither age, finances, or life circumstances can stop us from accomplishing our dreams. We can all learn how to start moving towards our dreams.

What were your dreams when you were younger?  Are you pursuing them?  What has helped you believe in your dreams? How have you dealt with obstacles that get in the way?

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