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Friday, January 6, 2012

Reaching Out Into Cyberspace: Look for the Lessons In Every Experience

Blogging is a strange new phenomenon. As I begin to blog, with no followers, I wonder, "How will people find me?" I plan to be brief, offering no more than a few thought provoking sentences that will encourage you to respond back. I hope this will be a creative, collaborative process. I can write about things I hear or read or about therapy & life lessons. I hope you will find me & share your dreams, struggles, wishes, challenges & I will try to add from my work & life experiences.

Thought for today: Look for the lessons in every life experience. Sometimes they are obvious at other times you need to search for them, but they are always there. One of my clients has been struggling with low self esteem, although they are successful in their work they can't seem to understand why. We have spoken about how her family never quite understood his creativity and found fault with his decisions to live far from family. I encouraged him to meet with and reconnect with mentors from his past who have supported him. He visited with one of those mentors & was shocked when they told him how much he had helped them over the years. Lesson: You can't pick your biological family, but you can pick your "dream' family, the ones who see you & your strengths.

Tell me about some lessons you have learned from difficult life situations. Let me know how I can help you learn from the ones that are not so clear to you yet.
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