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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Warning: 5 Signs You May Be Undermining Your Own Dreams

Thought for the day: "The best angle from which to approach any problem is the 'Try-angle.' " Unknown
"The 'Try-angle' approach to problem solving must be followed by the 'Try-try-again angle.' " Dr. Barbara Lavi
     In my work with clients helping them to accomplish their dreams, I began to discover several types of impediments causing their dreams to be bottled up & unfulfilled. This led me to develop the Dream Quotient Questionnaire (TM), a self assessment tool which produces a Dream Quotient (DQ). Much like an IQ score, the DQ score reveals an individual's dream potential. It differs from IQ which remains fairly constant throughout a person's life. A DQ score can change since there are ways to strengthen & enhance dream potential.
     Briefly, these are the 5 warning signs that you may be undermining your dreams:
           1) You question your ability to accomplish the new tasks;
           2) You think you are too old to start working towards a dream;
           3) You see too many challenges or physical restrictions in your way;
           4)  Financial restraints stop you from even trying; &
           5)  No one else in your family ever did it, so you think you can't.
     Have you ever felt this way about your dreams? Do you question your ability to accomplish your aspirations? These are signs that you may be undermining your ability to reach your dreams. We all have doubts from time to time about our abilities; however, if you identify with these warning signs & frequently find that you stop yourself from trying to reach your dreams, you may need some help. Fortunately,  there are ways to overcome these issues & learn how to start using the "Try-angle" & "Try-try-again Angle" instead of blocking your dreams.
      In subsequent posts, things you can do to correct these problems will be addressed. If you'd like my help, share your challenges here & I will share some potential solutions & ways I have helped clients overcome these warning signs.
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