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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Wait A Single Moment To Improve The World

Photo by WoodleyWonderworks

Thought for today: 
How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ~Anne Frank

Whenever I read a quote from Anne Frank I am moved with mixed emotions of sadness & inspiration. I am struck by her maturity & her ability to remain positive although she & her family were persecuted & in hiding. It reminds me that we all can & are responsible to find ways to make the most of our lives regardless of our circumstances. The quote above also reflects the urgency & importance of taking action right away since our time on earth is limited. We all can find a way to make a difference. It will give meaning to & increase your satisfaction with life. One person can make a difference. Anne Frank's life was cut short, but she has continued to make a difference & inspires every person who reads her words.

What stops you from taking action to improve the world? Even small steps can help. Recycle, write a letter to an editor, make someone smile, teach a child about caring for others, volunteer some time to help others. What have you done lately to help improve the world? How did it feel? What have you learned in the process? Your experiences my help someone else find their way to start helping improve the world.


Unknown said...

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Ruth Douthitt said...

I think for me, it's TIME...or lack of it! I tend to get so busy with work, writing, blogging, ministry, and running that I forget to do something to improve the world.

BUT...I do write with a purpose and am involved in Youth Ministry at our church. So, in a way, I hope I am improving the world a little at a time!


Barbara Lavi said...

Hi Ruth,
Life does get busy but every little bit helps. It sounds like you are doing a lot that improves the world both through your writing & through the Youth Ministry. I'm sure you touch a lot of young people & inspire them to help improve the world as well. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Lavi said...

Hi Steve,
It looks like you are committed to helping through your faith. Barbara