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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Saturday's Songs for the Soul: Halleluyah

Thought for the Day: It's Saturday & I usually do not post on weekends, but today I am posting. Tomorrow would have been my brother Larry Bogdanow's birthday. I have written about my brother several times since he passed away in June of 2011 (February & in June of 2012). As a psychologist, who has helped people deal with grief, I know that anniversaries, birthdays & holidays often are tinged with sadness after we lose a loved one. Knowing this makes me intentionally do something to remember & celebrate the life of the person I am missing. I was not sure what I would do & decided today to give Larry a musical tribute. Larry shared my love for music & introduced me (& all his friends) to new music that he discovered by making & sharing CD mixes. When I find great new music I will share it here on Saturdays in honor of my brother. Unconsciously last Friday, I may have picked & posted a glass harp instrumental rendition of Leonard Cohen's Halleluyah. I shared this song, performed by Jeff Buckley & other, with Larry multiple as he lay in the hospital, both when he was conscious & hopeful & after he slipped into a coma. Just as food sustains the body, music sustains & heals the soul. Larry lived his life & brought joy to others every day. I hope that these musical Saturday posts will bring you joy as well.

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