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Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Finds: Olivia Newton John, Tell Your Story, & Easy Ways To Support Causes

Thought for Today: This week my posts have focused on helping a child who received a heart transplant, encouraging people to support reasonable changes to gun control laws, & my personal science fiction fantasy of how our world community might respond if aliens invaded our planet. Since today is Friday it is time for my Friday's Fabulous Finds. I decided to bring you a mixed bag from Olivia Newton John on depression, to ways to make the planet greener, easily voice your opinion & tell your story to Washington DC, & easily start or support a cause you are passionate about.  I'd love to hear your thoughts & hope you will share your discoveries. Let me know if these things are helpful & what else you would like me to help you find to make a difference in your life. Have a wonderful weekend.

1) My first find is an article about Olivia Newton John, an actress that three generations will remember as Sandy in the 1978 musical Grease
with John Travolta.  What many people did not know until now is that the star has dealt with multiple challenges in life, breast cancer, divorce, the disappearance of her partner of nine years & her daughter's battle with an eating disorder. Whenever a star talks about how therapy improved their lives, it helps others overcome their concerns about trying therapy. She found both therapy & the use of anti-depressents as a way to gain the strength to heal & deal with things. Thank you Olivia Newton John, not only for your beautiful musical voice, but also for speaking up about depression & the importance of therapy.   -->|heroes|dl19|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D272235 

 2) Those of you following my blog know that I have been advocating for sensible changes in the laws surrounding gun control & increased mental health services both in schools & with adults in our nation. This week, I learned of an easy way to tell your story & to voice your opinion to your senators & congressmen. Although it is a non-profit supporting Barack Obama's policies, they want to hear from you & all citizens as they design new more sensible programs. Take a look. It only takes a few minutes for you to  share your stories, thoughts & ideas.  -->

3) My third fabulous find,
-->One Million Acts of Green, (@omaog) empowers people to make a difference to save our planet (close to 4 million actions have been taken worldwide since it's launch!). It suggests & supports all sorts of actions you can take from creating your own actions & content, to joining groups, or getting inspired by celebrities. 

-->The fourth fabulous find: Causes is a website that was "built for change." They offer "free & easy tools for passionate people to spread the word, find supporters, raise money, & build momentum."
Their "goal is to help you reach yours." They help you by offering nine templates that you can customize "ranging from a boilerplate petition to a page designed to capture video views - to fit your aspirations & drive towards lasting, real-world impact. If you're not ready to lead a movement, browse through some of the most popular actions to find one that could use your support."

So in case you feel like aliens have already attacked our planet & you want to make a difference, here are some resources that can help you change the world. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 

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