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Friday, April 26, 2013

#FF Friday's Fab Finds : A Boston Tribute, No More Tears, Research on Terrorism, & Chocolate Bars

Thought for the Day: In light of all the negative press still fixated on Boston, here are some Fabulous Finds that are more uplifting. Today's finds consist of a creative way San Francisco runners ran in response to the Boston tragedy, a former actress helping abused women build a better life, a study that found patterns that may help us prevent terrorism & how a six year old boy raised $150,000 for his sick friend. Read on to restore your faith in humanity with this Friday’s Fabulous Finds!

San Francisco Runners Spell Out 'BOSTON' on Their Jog Last Tuesday night, the San Francisco Road Runners Club organized a 6.78 mile run to support Boston. Considering Boston’s & San Francisco’s long-standing rivalry, this was an incredibly thoughtful, compassionate gesture.

Somy Ali

Former film star devoted to rescuing women from domestic violence. No More Tears is a non profit organization founded by Bollywood actress, Somy Ali. She quit the film industry to aid immigrant women to escape from abusive relationships. To do this, she temporarily puts women up in a motel, helps them move into a studio apartment & helps them find work. Learn how this superstar has helped more than 600 women & children create better lives for themselves.

Why Are Terrorists So Often Young Men? The Huffington Posts’s article, “Why Are Terrorists So Often Young Men?” investigates neurological determinants of terrorism in young men. Author Meredith Melnick chose to examine gender & age. Perhaps the findings will help focus on this at risk population to develop preventative programs. Read this article to learn more about this startling phenomenon.

Dylan & Jacob
Six year-old Dylan Siegel Raised $150,000 for his best friend who suffers from a rare illness. This video featured on AOL tells how Dylan wrote & published a book, The Chocolate Bar. Click to learn more about this amazing enterprise. Better yet, go to to donate to the Jonah Pournazarian Glycogen Storage Disease 1B Fund at the University of Florida & receive a copy of the book.

Hope you will come back for Saturday's Songs for the SoulSunday's Comic Strips & next week's posts which will be focused on why mothers need to keep dreaming as role models for their children. This will be the topic of a talk I will be giving at the “New” Motherhood?: Evolving Policies, Practices, and Families Conference on MAY 2, 3, 4 at The Museum of Motherhood in New York City. My presentation will be on Thursday, May 2 at 3 PM. If you will be in NYC please come & meet me! Have a wonderful weekend!

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