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Monday, April 15, 2013

Special Edition: My Heart Is In Boston

Thought for the Day: I just returned from North Carolina. As I said in my earlier post today, I was on a high from a wonderful family wedding filled with support of family & lifelong friends. I learned about the tragedy in Boston just after getting off a plane in NYC. Immediately, I began calling my children, family & friends who live in Boston. Although my family & friends are all fine, for so many others, things are not. I lived in the Boston area from 1981 till 2000 & feel like Boston is my second home. I am angered to hear that anyone would target runners & their families waiting to cheer them on at the finish line. Many of the runners were raising money for charities. When events like these occur, it shakes our belief in the goodness of mankind. It is ironic that it occurred just after I wrote a post about learning how to trust strangers. I, like Anne Frank, "Despite everything, (I) believe that people are really good at heart." If we let events like these stop us from continuing to lead our lives & develop friendships, we will be allowing evil people to achieve their terrible plots to frighten us. To the injured & those in mourning know that people around the globe care & are praying for your healing. As citizens of the world viewing the horror on TV, sadly Boston could be any of our home towns. We must all do what we can to fight for peace & understanding. We must work to reduce violence.

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