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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Triumph Over Terror Thursday: United We Stand

Thought for the Day: My apologies for posting so late today. I was in Boston yesterday helping out & have been playing catch up all day today. I do want to share some of my thoughts on what will be a long healing process following the devastating attack on the Boston Marathon. What is striking to me both as I watch the news coverage & as I spoke with Bostonians yesterday is the tenacity & determination not to let an act of terror stop people from living their lives. 

Of course, people are shaken & worried, but they are planning to keep going. I learned yesterday about a young man who sent out an e-mail to his friends inviting them to walk or run the last mile of the Marathon route. As of yesterday 20,000 people had shared his invitation to join him. Another group of runners is planning a Triumph Over Terrorism run following the entire course of the marathon. They are in the process of choosing a date. My guess is that there will be many more runs & fundraising drives to help the injured recover.

This kind of resilience coming so soon after the tragic event is a sign of the strength & determination of Boston & our nation. I found the photo (above) on Google+ it is an amazing photo of a heart made up of hundreds of people. I believe that if we could take a picture of the world it too would resemble a heart reaching out to Boston. Support is even coming from their arch rivals, The Yankees. Sweet Caroline is being sung across the nation in both baseball leagues. In all the sports associations across the nation, there have been touching tributes.

One woman I met with yesterday said she was at a loss for words when they saw runners in the uniforms from the Marathon from other countries standing in Boston sharing their grief. She felt like telling them to come back next year & not to be afraid. I encouraged her to go ahead & talk to them. Let them know she supports them. The terrorist or terrorists who committed this heinous act wanted people to be afraid. Hopefully, as the stories of how perfect strangers did whatever they could to help those in need of assistance, despite the danger, we will feel greater trust in the goodness of most people. United we stand & together we will triumph over terror!

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