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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday's Psychology Tips: How To Get Rid of an Anxiety Disorder

Thought for the Day: Today is Tuesday. Which means it is time for Tuesday's Psychology Tips. A few days ago a question appear on HealthTap which brings the tip for today. The question was: How to get rid of an anxiety disorder without a therapist? Surely there  are many ways to reduce anxiety, but my reply was to ask, "Why wouldn't you consider psychotherapy?" Here's my answer with a bit more detail than I posted on HealthTap...

If you want relief from anxiety, working with a therapist can ease your worries and bring relief sooner. There is a tried. but true saying, "Two heads are better than one." This is even more true when the second head belongs to someone who has spent years studying and helping people overcome their psychological issues. On your own, you can read books, learn to meditate, exercise, take warm baths, but why wouldn't you consider wotking with an expert? A psychologist with expertise in stress reduction and anxiety can help you acquire the tools necessary to overcome your anxiety a lot faster. Not only can a therapist make the process quicker and easier, they can also personalize the techniques to match your unique issues and needs. In addition to teaching you how to relax, they will talk to you about the specific things that trigger your anxiety. By identifying what triggers your anxiety and learning ways to resolve these issues, you will learn how more than ways to relax, you will be able to avoid and perhaps have less anxiety altogether. If psychotherapy is not sufficient, your therapist will know if it is necessary to consider medication to help reduce the anxiety. Cognitive behavioral techniques are very effective at reducing anxiety.

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