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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: Life Doesn't Come With Blueprints

Thought for the Day: I have been working on redesigning my website for my clinical practice and really could use your help today. In the process of working on the redesign, I came up with an interesting logo. The logo design lead me to today's words of wisdom which will be included in the new logo. I'd love to know what you think of both the logo and the quote.
     For many years, I have used the name of the therapeutic approach that I have developed, ACT Now Psychotherapy, as the name of my private practice. The tagline: Active, Creative, Time-sensitive is based on the A.C.T. in the title and explains how my therapeutic approach works. The logo above triggered my imagination and led to a different tag line. Here's what happened...

     To create the logo I used SmartPhotoEditor which is a wonderful inexpensive tool for anyone who wants to create images for blogs or websites. You don't have to be a photographer or web designer to create awesome images. I was looking for a simple, modern image for the new logo. Because the name of my practice is fairly long, it needed to be simple and to highlight the title. I tried adding some kind of graphic design, but it seemed to detract from the logo. When I found the blueprint background for the logo, I knew I was on to something. I created the logo that was on the 1st page of this post and thought that I was finished. 
     Those of you who have read my book, The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, or been following my blog know that often sleep and dreams stimulate my creativity. I was not intentionally using creative dreaming, however, my unconscious mind may have been working overtime last night. I woke up with today's words of wisdom, "Life doesn't come with blueprints." I decided to incorporate this into the original logo which now looks like this:

     Somehow this statement explains why we all could benefit from psychotherapy at various times in our lives and it may help people who discover my website understand that I can help them design their lives with creativity and compassion. My book teaches ways to develop multilayered road maps, the Dream Positioning System (DPS) which is like a blueprint as well.
     Before I post this new logo on the website, I would love to hear your reactions and thoughts to this new concept. I considered using the word "directions" or "roadmaps" instead of "blueprints," in my "words of wisdom" but think "blueprints" works best. What do you think? As life becomes more and more complex and technology driven, guidance and therapy plays an important role in helping people navigate their way in a constantly changing world. Has therapy ever helped you refocus and design a blueprint for your life? Does this image and concept resonate with you? 

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