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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday's Psychology Tips: There Are No Failures In Life, If...

Thought for the Day: It's Tuesday and time for me to share another psychology tip. I have been writing a lot of tips for HealthTap lately and this one was to help people improve self esteem. "There are no failures in life, if you learn from your mistakes." It is all too easy to let mistakes make us feel like failures.

However, everyone makes mistakes. As long as we learn from our mistakes, we are not failures. There are many famous people like Thomas Edison, who kept trying over and over until he invented the light bulb. When you discover that you have erred, ask yourself what can I learn from this? How can I avoid similar mistakes in the future? If you begin to label yourself as a failure, remind yourself that this is not accurate. Keep trying. Alter your next attempt even slightly and the results may be different. Don't let your mistakes define you as a person. You have many other strengths. Remind yourself of your strengths, learn from your mistakes and move on! Have a great day!

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