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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday's Psychology Trivia Answer: Would You Help If A Friend Told You They Were Being Abused By Their SpouseAt Home?

Thought for the Day: On Tuesday I asked : What percentage of women who disclosed that they were suffering from domestic violence or had been sexually assaulted were helped by a friend after speaking up about it?
           a) 59%
           b) 85%
           c) 42%
           d) 75%

Sadly, although 54 million Americans have been victims of domestic violence and 32 million have been a victim of sexual assault. 60 percent of Americans know a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault, the answer to the question is  c.  Only 42% of respondents who were told by a friend about suffering from domestic violence or sexual abuse, helped their friend. In another study, when people were asked if they thought they would help someone they knew in the same situation, 75% said they would. Given how hard ot is for people to speak up when they are being abused, these results are disappointing. There will be a campaign to raise public awareness to the problem. Hopefully it will help move more people to action when they hear about someone dealing with domestic violence or abuse. You can read more about it here, Inaction May Compound the Problem of Domestic Violence from the website Everyday Health.

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