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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday's Comic Strips: Free Knowledge & Public Libraries

Thought for the Day: One of my favorite places in the world has always been public libraries. It is where I learned to love reading. Summer reading programs always remind me of the great time I had reading as many books as I could to get simple prizes. Today's Comic Strip is a reminder that public libraries are one of the great free things we still have in America. They offer performances, lectures, workshops for people looking for work, computer access, video rentals, children's programming & more! Need a great free place to spend an afternoon with your kids on a hot summer day? Your public library is always a great place to visit & instill a love of reading! The knowledge is there for the taking just bring your "container."

Did a public library or a librarian turn you on to reading as a child or help you find a job when you were unemployed? I'd love to hear about it. Feel free to share it here, it may give a librarian an idea for a program in their town!

Have a great Sunday!

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Unknown said...

Dear Barbara! I liked your post, it brought me back to my childhood and school years. Mostly I didn't like library because we had to spend hours looking for information on different school subjects I didn't like. And it was always very cold in winter times, and moreover, I was growing a shy child and that absolute quietness in the library made me crazy because sometimes I had to sneeze or cough, or just turn a page, and it seems to me that everybody was looking at me, haha :)) But I liked to come to the library and find the books we had to read during the summer time. And I still like the smell of books in the labraries. So I have to say that I like them - I'm crazy about reading interesting books. Thank you for this! :-)

Barbara Lavi said...

Dear +Olga Beauty
Thanks for your comments. It is worth visiting a children's library today just to see how much they have changed. They really make them user friendly for children. Although kids are not allowed to be rowdy, & are taught to be respectful, they are playing games, parents are reading stories to their kids & it is a fun place to be. There are scavenger hunts for kids to find interesting books & many story telling hours. So shy kids are not afraid to speak or breath! Finding information via the internet is easier & kids take to it naturally. I love the smell of book shelves, too! Barbara