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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Throwback Tuesday: Thank Someone Who Helped You Become Independent

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Thoughts for the Day: For today & Thursday, I'd like to share a few posts that I wrote a little over a year ago. They were written before & after a visit to my home state of Texas. As the posts reveal, I was pretty nostalgic. I even started a gratitude project for someone who helped me become who I am today.  Since this week is focused on independence & how we become independent, being from Texas played a big part in my development. For those of you who did not grow up in Texas, here's a quick history lesson. Texas was part of 6 different countries. It was even a country of it's own for a period of time. Although today is not a trivia post here's a bit of trivia many of you may not know. How did the Amusement Park Six Flags get it's name? Answer: It was started in Texas & the flags represent the six flags that flew over Texas. (In case you miss having a trivia post today: Who knows which countries Texas was part of?)

The series I'm throwing back today is called Deep In the Heart of Texas. There's Over the Rainbow Deep In the Heart of Texas. about an over the rainbow experience of a group of children; Part II: Over the Rainbow In the Winds of Texas, about my visit to a place that helped shape me;  Part III: Paying It Forward Deep In the Heart of Texas, about a chance encounter I had with a Veteran while I was in Texas; Part IV: Help Me Start A Gratitude Project Deep in the Heart of Texas,  tells the story of my visit my high school guidance counselor in Bellaire TX; & Part V: Deep In the Heart of Texas Gratitude Project Update, with the story of another person whose life & many other's lives were changed by my guidance counselor.

Who helped launch you into adulthood & independence?

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