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Friday, July 12, 2013

#FF Friday's Fabulous Finds: Free Psychology Classes, Books, & Excuses to Give

Thought for the Day: This week, the blog looked at the psychology of free offers (Why We Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Free Offers, Psychology Trivia, Steve Jobs on Time, Money & Free Offers). We did this in preparation for our free e-book giveaway of The Wake Up and Dream Challenge, by Dr. Barbara Lavi. The book teaches how to go out & capture your dreams. Often on Fridays we share fabulous finds that tell stories of people giving to others, but this week, in addition to stories about giving, we found some ways for you to capture free giveaways.

Patricia Celan, Miss B.C. Pageant Contestant
Our  first find from the The Huffington Post B.C (July 6, 2013) includes a video that shows a gift you would never expect at a beauty pageant. Immediately after beauty queens are crowned they usually walk up & down an aisle waving to fans smiling & wiping tears of joy. However, Patricia Celan who had just won the Miss B.C. Pageant did something surprisingly different to help others. See the pictures, which reveal the true inner beauty this woman portrays as she gives to a cause close to her heart.  Click here to see what she did...

Giving Blood, Giving Life By Brian Boyle  July 10, 2013
Have you ever found yourself making an excuse for why you can’t donate blood? You don’t have the time, or it makes you feel queasy. How about making excuses to donate? Here are two.

9 Free Online Psychology Classes By: David Arney
Have you ever wanted to take a psychology class at MIT, Yale or Berkeley? Would you like to learn about the psychology of happiness, new views of depression, abnormal psychology, gender differences or problems of communication? Did you ever think you could take classes like these for free? With the magic of modern technology & the generosity of many major universities, you can! Read more about these free offerings & go for it....

15 Web Sites for Finding Deals Online From Kiplinger By Cameron Huddleston,  May 2012
Ever wonder where you can find the best deals online? This easy-to-use guide can be your savior. Find the 15 best websites to shop for deals on the internet, sorted into categories for simple use.

Now, for a more personal giveaway opportunity that will definitely come in handy for those long summer days lounging at the beach. Every day, e-books are given away free on Amazon ( By simply logging online here, you can download countless books in minutes, ready to read just by connecting to the internet. You don’t have to own a kindle or a nook, you can download these books onto your computer for FREE! Check back daily to get some free books, & be sure to view The Wake Up and Dream Challenge. Free e-book promotions change daily & don’t last forever, but they are a great way to find summer reads. The Wake Up and Dream Challenge will be available for free in the next couple weeks.We will let you know in advance so that you can grab & copy & share it with your friends. More details will be announced soon!

Thanks to Dream Team Steph for helping find & prepare this post! Have a great weekend!

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