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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wake Up Wednesday: When Will Congress Wake Up & Stop Destroying Citizens' Dreams?

Thought for the Day: I have held my tongue since I try not to focus on politics. However, as the government shutdown drags on, I find myself wondering when will the politicians in Washington have a "wake up" moment & realize that without compromise everyone loses. It feel a bit like a game of Russian Roulette with the American people as the hostages whose lives & livelihood are endangered. The situation feels serious enough to warrant emergency action by the president, similar to presidential acts in the face of war or imminent threat of war. The financial implications of not raising the debt ceiling given the economic problems our nation is still struggling with are too serious to jeopardize the collapse of the economy. So many of my clients are already struggling with unemployment, fear of personal bankruptcy & the strain of financial challenges on their marriages & mental health, that I feel I must speak up. It feels as if Congress is simply blind to the struggles & feelings of the people back home. ObamaCare offers a ray of light to those under financial stress & is being implemented as I write, but Congress continues to try to undermine this initiative which they have not been able to stop in legal ways.  Too many American's lives & dreams depend on the continued improvement of the economy. One commentator on CNN today said that they feel we do not need specialists in hostage negotiations, but marriage counselors to try to save a nation on the path to a messy divorce. I'd be glad to try some family therapy techniques with members of Congress, if it would help them behave in a more mature fashion. What do you think? What will make Washington "wake up?"

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