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Friday, October 25, 2013

#FF Follow Up Friday: Humbling Insights from Recovery

Thought for the Day: Today is day 3 since I had arthroscopic knee surgery. I am right on target with my recovery. I'm able to walk without crutches or a cane. I have removed the bulky bandages which were protecting my knee & am am down to just tylenol for pain. Tomorrow, I start physical therapy. I should be pleased with my progress & in many ways I am. However, I had hoped to be feeling better by now. The doctor & all those I spoke with, prior to the procedure, emphasized that it was minimally invasive, which it was, but it is still surgery. I thought that I would be back to regular blogging, but do not feel focused enough to write my normal posts. Much of my leg feels sort of numb & I'm not ready to dance the night away! I can see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel & know it was the right thing to go ahead & have the surgery, but it may take longer than I had hoped to recover fully. I am also bored, but don't have the energy or focus to do much. I need to remind myself that it has only been 3 days since the operation & that it will get better from here.

The experience has made me both grateful & humble. I am grateful for the health I have had most of my life. Thankful that this was the 1st time I ever had to use crutches or a cane & for the strength of my legs & knees that have supported me as I danced, swam, & hiked through life. As I waited for the surgery, I began to notice how many people around me every day appear to have trouble walking. My issue was fairly simple & hopefully it will be repaired completely soon. Other people have not been as lucky as me. Knee &/or hip replacements are not as easy to tolerate & often do not succeed as well as meniscus surgery. Since this experience, I will never  look at a person limping or using a cane or a walker in the same way. I have always had tremendous respect for people in wheelchairs working to lead as normal of a life as possible. As patient & accepting of others' disabilities as I believe I am, this experience made me confront my own impatience with myself when my legs weren't working right. This experience has taught me that I need to be more patient with myself. If any condition becomes permanent, I hope that I will find ways to continue doing what I love despite whatever happens.

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope to return to regular blogging soon.


Tonya said...

Heal up well!!!

Speaking from experience, you've articulated very well what those who have few illnesses and/or injuries feel in this situation. To tell you, PT will challenge you. Expect to have some set backs and changes in your thinking as you go through PT. They may be small, but you will be pushing your body to help it heal correctly. PT is hard work, but it's worth it.

Barbara Lavi said...

Thanks for the support & for sharing +Tonya It is a very interesting new world for me. I see many parallels to psychotherapy.