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Monday, February 10, 2014

Motivational Monday's: New Series Ask Dr. B How Can I Keep My Ex's Wife From Interfering?

Thought for the Day: I have started answering questions for a column on a new website, Single Mom Playbook. The website focuses on helping single mothers deal with all the stresses involved in divorce and single parenting. I decided to repost a segment from this column: Ask Dr. B. Every Sunday, I will answer questions that come in from their readers. Feel free to post a question if you need assistance with a single parenting issue. Shanon Philpott, is a freelance reporter who is organizing this amazing resource for single moms. 
Here's one of my answers about handling interference from an ex-spouse's new partner, which I cut & pasted from their blog:

Ask Dr. B: How Can I Keep My Ex’s Wife From Interfering?

question-mark1Dear Dr. B,

I have been a single mom for several years and my ex recently remarried. I am grateful that his wife is good to my children, but she is very pushy with me and tries to get involved in issues that should be between just me and my ex, such as child support and visitation. Her involvement has strained the co-parenting relationship I have with my ex and the children are picking up on the tension when we attend their activities together. Any suggestions on how to handle this situation?

ANSWER: Before I answer, let me say that I understand how you feel. It is hard enough dealing with an ex-spouse on financial and visitation arrangements.  It is also challenging to adjust to having another women getting involved in your children's and indirectly in your life. However, they have become your ex’s new partner. It sounds like she cares about your children and wants them to feel comfortable in their home. (Not all step-parents are as welcoming of their partner’s children.) Often wives become the social planners which means they help their husband with organizing the calendar for their new family. If you have been flexible in the past, your ex-husband may assume that his wife can help set things up. If there have been problems and you want to stick to the visitation plans as set up by the courts, simply politely let her know it needs to remain the same.
Child support on the other hand should follow court guidelines unless your ex’s work situation changes. I would suggest that you speak with your ex and ask he be the contact person regarding financial issues. Even though his new wife is involved in their finances, you should not need to discuss their finances with her.
It is important for your children that you have as respectful of a relationship with his wife as possible. A caring step-parent can be a huge ally, especially when they reach adolescence. They may not speak with either you or your ex-husband, but might listen to them. We all can benefit from as many caring adults in our lives as we can get. Step-parents, teachers, coaches can play significant roles in helping our children grow into healthy responsible adults. Encourage your children to learn from and take advantage of their step-mother’s presence as a role model.
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