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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday's Comic Strips: Parenting Demands Creative Solutions

Photo from
Thought for the Day: Today's Comic Strips focus on the importance of creative parenting solutions. Don't try either of these solutions at home, unless you are a photoshop or videography whizz, however, as a psychologist, I believe keeping a sense of humor while parenting should be a prerequisite for Parenting 101.
     Above is a photo that reminds me of an experience I had many years ago while living in Israel. American friend's were visiting and asked that we watch their two young daughters. As a new immigrant, I was fortunate to have a been able to purchase a washing machine without 300% taxation on the appliance (at the time not many people owned machines) in my 5th floor walk up apartment, but did not have the luxury of owning a clothes dryer. I was on the back porch when:
Sarit: "What are you doing?" 
Me: "Hanging clothes." 
Sarit: "Why are you doing that?

In her five years living in suburban USA, she had never seen anyone hang out their laundry! Today, many children might not even know what clothespins are, but the creative photographer of the photo above captured the frustration many parents feel when laundry needs to get done and kids aren't helping. It might be better to turn folding laundry and other chores into games!
     The video below is another way to keep your sense of humor while parenting. Check out Action Movie Kid on YouTube to see a variety of imaginative solutions one father has found for turning raising his three year old son into an adventure. Enjoy your Sunday!

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