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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Motivational Mondays: New England Weather and Resiliency

Thought for the Day: I know it is not Monday, but I wanted to post this and will catch up tomorrow. You see, I was in Boston from late Saturday night till late last night for a critical incident. I wrote this post, but was unable to publish it, since I did not have internet access while I was working. I travel to help corporations when tragedy strikes. Sometimes it is for a death or serious illness of an employee. Other times it's is to work with banks following robberies. Just over a year ago, I was called to help two companies following the Boston Marathon bombings. I lived in Boston for many years and have family here, so a part of me resides in this great city. While I worked this weekend, following another tragic event, I could not help but reflect on how things have changed since last year.
The tension and stress immediately following the Marathon bombing last year was powerful. I wrote about my impressions a few times last year (Triumph Over Terror Thursday: United We Stand, Motivational Monday & Tuesday: Signs Of ResilienceSaturday's Songs For The Soul: Wishing For Boston's Strong Recovery).
      Yesterday, however, the changes reminded me of a saying I heard not long after I moved to Boston in 1987. People say that, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait and it will change." The ever changing weather in Boston may be part of what makes New England natives strong and resilient. Boston is truly "Strong." As runners prepare for the Marathon, they are working to be both physically and emotionally strong.  The run will demonstrate both kinds of strength. The city will come together with more security measures in place refusing to give in to fear which the terrorists tried to instill. Life goes on, survivors continue to recover from their injuries. Boston and our nation will not let terrorists compromise our freedom.

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