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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday's Songs for the Soul: Hunter Hayes on Bullying and Being Different

Thought for the Day: On my drive to Boston, I listened to country radio. The radio in my car does not pick up any country stations in Connecticut until I reach Hartford.  Therefore, I had not heard this song until last week. It caught my attention for Saturday's Songs for the Soul since it captures the psychological pain and angst of feeling (or at times wanting to feel) invisible during adolescence. In addition, it gives hope to anyone who is feeling different or is bullied that someday life will improve and they will be proud of their uniqueness.

     When I searched for the video on YouTube, I found another clip of an ET interview with Hunter Hayes, the singer songwriter, whose experiences in high school led to the creation of the song, "Invisible." Hayes has been performing from age 4 and devoted all his time to music. On his website Hayes reports that, 
“At school, I was a quiet kid. I was really shy. My safe zone was music. In writing music, I had my friend, the one thing that would never let me down. Writing songs was like me keeping a journal. I really took it seriously when I realized how powerful of a tool it was and how much I needed it." 
He played all 30 instruments on his first self titled commercial album.  I hope you enjoy this inspirational song and clip about Hayes' adolescence and have a great weekend.

Here's a clip about what led to the creation of the song:

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