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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday's Songs for the Soul: PBS, Tom Hanks & The Dave Clark Five's Glad All Over

Thought for the Day: This week I viewed a PBS special showing of the induction of the Dave Clark Five into the Rock and Roll Music Hall of Fame. On the show, Tom Hanks presented the award to the band. The entire show was wonderful and if it is broadcast on your PBS station I would highly recommend it. Because of the show I chose a song that I might not have chosen before hearing Tom Hanks speak about this group. I remember the excitement surrounding the British Invasion of The Beatles and The Dave Clark Five, but realized while listening as an adult and a psychologist, that their songs were truly songs for the soul....

The clip which changed my interpretation of the song, "Glad All Over," from just a wonderful upbeat love song starts at 6:54 on this 9 plus minute video (Sorry, I tried but was unable to edit it down, but you can fast forward to 6:54). Tom Hanks pointed out that the British Invasion came a after the worst trauma our nation had endured since Pearl Harbor. In many ways it was even more traumatic than pearl Harbor, since it was the first time that a traumatic event was televised live around the world. The nation watched in horror as the young charismatic John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Children and adolescents were moved and identified with the images of John John saluting his father's coffin and Caroline kissing the coffin and holding her mother's hand at the funeral. Everyone was in mourning not only for a great leader, but for the optimism and hope he had given for the future. The British bands' music with their powerful beats and positive messages elicited outbursts of emotion by teenagers. Although it looked like chaos, it was one way that teens were working through their mourning. It gave them permission to scream, cry and ultimately to re-experience joy. Listen to how Tom Hanks describes it:

The song I picked for today is "Glad All Over," takes on a new meaning. it's more than a love song and the feeling of new love. It's being able to be glad again after terrible traumatic events. Some of the songs that have brought back joy following 9/11 and other tragedies of today's world may be doing the same thing for today's youth. Can you think of any that have similar uplifting impact today? This song will hold a new meaning for me forever!
Have a great Saturday!

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