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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday's What's Your #WW Wake Up Wednesday Moment?

Thought for the Day: This blog and my social media efforts have always been designed to be a resource for my readers as they move towards their dreams. I have tried to inspire you & expose you to ways to overcome all obstacles in your way. However, I also want this to be a forum where you can help one another to reach for and attain your dreams. I know there are an amazing group of parents, teachers, authors, therapists, artists, musicians and people from many more walks of life following this blog, my facebook fan page & twitter feeds. I want to help facilitate a supportive community where you can help one another reach for your dreams.  So today, I am turning to you. In families, it often helps to have everyone share their highs and lows of the day so that they can support one another through the good and bad moments of their lives.

So today, I'd like you to share your dream highs and lows or what I'm calling your Wake Up Moments. What has been your greatest accomplishment of the week and what has been the biggest obstacle to achieving your dreams? I know it may be hard at first to share your wake up moments, so I will start.

My Wake Up Moments for the last week or so made me decide to try this kind of blog post. My high was connected to my low which is often the case. It was a huge high to watch the downloads of my book happening a little over a week ago and see my book reach #1 on two categories on Amazon Kindle's Best Seller List. However, it also brought an unexpected wake up moment.

I realized that although I have tens of thousands of fans and followers across the globe on Google +, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites; I have failed to build a virtual community where my fans and followers feel comfortable helping each other along their journey towards their dreams. I spoke with my team of interns about my dilemma.

Here's what I propose, a new kind of post where your needs, not my inspirational thoughts & lessons, become central to the post. In order to do that I need to set some simple ground rules to insure that this community feels safe enough to share your highs and lows.

So here are some guidelines:
1) Avoid making judgements of other people's life choices, 2) all comments should be supportive & constructive, 3) feel free to share advice based on your experiences recognizing that they may or may not be accepted by other readers, 4) treat all comments with respect; 5) no dream is too big or too small to share; 6) all accomplishments will be encouraged; and 7) all challenges will be met with constructive supportive suggestions.

With those guidelines in mind, what were your wake up moments this week? How can we help you or support your endeavors? If you are an author & are giving a talk or promotion, please share it here. If you are a parent concerned about your child's return to school and wondering how to bolster their self confidence, ask a question. If you are out of work and have an interview or a new job offer, let us know and we will support your preparations for the interview. If you downloaded my book recently and have questions or accomplishments you'd like to share, please do. Your question may help another person who is dealing with a similar question or issue.

Let me know what you think & have a Wonderful Wednesday!
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