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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday's Psychological Trivia: #1 Predictor of Divorce

Thought for the Day: I have been adding topics to my blog, so that readers will know what to expect on different days of the week. This week I am starting another new type of post: Tuesday's Psychological Trivia. Since most of my posts tend to be serious, Tuesday's Psychological Trivia & my new Sunday's Comic Strips are lighter. Unlike other posts, this one is a game & I invite you to participate. 

Here's how to join in the game: 1) I will post a question about psychology or psychotherapy on Tuesdays; 2) Between Tuesday & Wednesday, share your guesses in the comments section below. Include why you think your answer is the correct one; & 3) On Thursdays, the answer along with the best comments I have received from you, will be posted. (There will be prizes for the best comments every month.) 

(Rules: be creative & have some fun. I know there are some psychologists & therapists following this blog, as well as authors & people who are interested in psychology. If you read my last Motivational Mondays' post, you know that I believe there are often many ways to solve a problem & more than one "right" answer.)

So Here's today's question:

 What is the #1 predictor of divorce?
      a) lack of physical intimacy
      b) lack of similar interests
      c) poor communication skills
      d) financial problems
      e) infidelity
Answer will be posted on Thursday, 3/7/2013
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