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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday's Psychological Trivia: #1 Predictor of Divorce

Thought for the Day: I have been adding topics to my blog, so that readers will know what to expect on different days of the week. This week I am starting another new type of post: Tuesday's Psychological Trivia. Since most of my posts tend to be serious, Tuesday's Psychological Trivia & my new Sunday's Comic Strips are lighter. Unlike other posts, this one is a game & I invite you to participate. 

Here's how to join in the game: 1) I will post a question about psychology or psychotherapy on Tuesdays; 2) Between Tuesday & Wednesday, share your guesses in the comments section below. Include why you think your answer is the correct one; & 3) On Thursdays, the answer along with the best comments I have received from you, will be posted. (There will be prizes for the best comments every month.) 

(Rules: be creative & have some fun. I know there are some psychologists & therapists following this blog, as well as authors & people who are interested in psychology. If you read my last Motivational Mondays' post, you know that I believe there are often many ways to solve a problem & more than one "right" answer.)

So Here's today's question:

 What is the #1 predictor of divorce?
      a) lack of physical intimacy
      b) lack of similar interests
      c) poor communication skills
      d) financial problems
      e) infidelity
Answer will be posted on Thursday, 3/7/2013


Unknown said...

C is the number one, the rest follow suite. Poor communication, avoidance of conflict and not voicing or sharing what each is requiring from the other, they forget to look at each other with loving eyes, patience and talk.. the intimacy then leaves.. Sandra Wolf

Barbara Lavi said...

How true Sandra Wolf, RMT. Thanks for sharing! Often it happens gradually & the distance keeps growing.