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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sunday's Comic Strips: The Psychology of Self Help Books

Thought for the Day: I love when cartoonists help to make us laugh. As a psychologist, I tend to deal with serious issues, but we can all afford to laugh at ourselves & our professions form time to time! Be sure to visit to see other strips by this great artist. I actually like self help books which can get people on track even if they need some additional help from therapists. What are your favorite self help books? Has a book helped you change your life? What book was it & how did it help. My favorites include Women Who Love Too Much, by Robin Norwood, Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber & Men Are From Mars & Women Are from Venus by John Gray. I often suggest that my clients read books like these to help them alongside therapy. Seeing how books can be a beneficial adjunct to therapy is why I wrote my book, The Wake Up and Dream Challenge which was based on my work with my clients. I hope you will check it out as well. Come back tomorrow for a follow up to last week's Motivational Mondays post. I will share what I learned in Washington DC & how I shared the comments people made last week to my blog post. Have a great weekend!

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