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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What If A 3 Month Old Child's Life Could Help Save Lives?

Thought for the Day: Alright, I admit it, the title to this post was a teaser, but I did it for a good cause. Over the past few weeks, I have shared the story of Katy, a 5 year old heart transplant recipient, & the news of her triumphant return home from the hospital on the road to a healthy childhood. Today I'm posing a different set of questions related to healing hearts: What if the 3 month life of an infant could save children's lives every year? View the video to see how Simon, a three month old infant whose life & death is making a difference in Pennsylvania & around the country. This video is a slightly longer than the one's I've been making for the What If? Wednesdays series. It was produced about one of the 21 Dream Nonprofit Organizations featured in my book, Simon's Fund. (On youTube you can see other videos about this amazing organization, like a 2 minute clip by CNN's medical expert, Dr. Sanjay Gupta. However, the one I chose portrays Darren & Phylliss Sudman & Simon's Fund in a more touching light.)  I hope you will take a few minutes to play the video to learn more. If you have not purchased my book yet, you can support this organization by clicking here to buy The Wake Up and Dream Challenge & earmarking 50% of the profits to Simon's Fund.

Have you tried to answer Tuesday's Psychological Trivia question yet? The answer will be posted tomorrow. Have a great week.

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