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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday's Songs for the Soul: Vivaldi's Winter & Let It Go for a 6 Year with a Old Heart Transplant

Thought for the Day: Last week +Annie Elizabeth commented on the Saturday's post of Gone, Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips and suggested that Vivaldi's Winter was a piece that inspired her. This morning before I went searching for recordings for today's music selection, I read an update on Katy Murphy the now 6 year old heart transplant recipient who came home Feb 25, 2013. There have been ups and downs since then, but Katy and her family are resilient and hopefully this is just a temporary setback. I chose 2 versions of the Vivaldi's Winter with Katy in mind. Hopefully, her parents will share them with her in the hospital. Here's Aimee, Katy's mom's update and the music. As you listen I hope you will think of and send positive energy to the young Katy "rockstar" Murphy.

Here's what Katy's mom wrote on Facebook:
Amiee Sullivan Murphy
Long day for us and Miss Katy....lines in...lines out. Steroids are making our sweet sometimes a bit sassy baby girl... A completely out of control monster.
Unfortunately the preliminary results of the biopsy didn't provide a lot of information. They were good the team does not feel that they (the samples) in terms of grade of rejection can accurately put a number on rejection. The thought is based on her poor function via echo... Her high heart rate and her troublesome EKG we can assume it is a grade 3 rejection.
The plan is to keep trying to get the extra fluid off... Keep the milrinone on board to help support her sick heart and pray that it works.

I have not seen the movie Frozen yet, but just from clips know that it is a classic Disney film that teaches about overcoming adversity. (It certainly came out during what has been a very difficult winter for those of us living in the northeast.) The mix of Vivaldi's Winter and "Let It Go," which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, from Frozen may make the 17th Century Classical Baroque music more palatable to Katy. It is performed by The Piano Guys.

The second version is a rock cover of Vivaldi's Winter by Eran Eralp.

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