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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday's Psychology Tips: Is Love Better Than Valium for Anxiety/Neurosis?

Thought for the Day: It's time for Tuesday's psychology Tips. Today I'm sharing a Tip that I created  with a little more information than the 100 characters allowed on HealthTap. Is love bettern than Valium for Anxiety or Neurosis? Read on to hear what love can do for personality development and see how the tip appeared on HealthTap:

A new study by psychologists at the German Universities of Jena and Kassel found that for couples between the ages of 18 and 30, being in a loving long term relationship decreases anxiety and neurotic tendencies. The study looked at 245 couples. In addition to finding a reduction in anxiety, they found a correlation between feeling satisfied in a relationship and a reduction of neurotic perceptions of the world. They found that the longer they were in relationships the more positive their perceptions of situations. This finding would indicate that being in a relationship helps build a healthier personality and outlook on life. The study did not look at whether this continues later in life. This finding would indicate that teaching children and teenagers about relationships would have a positive impact on personality development. (Note last weeks article on Sex, Lies, Love and Psychology also shows the importance of learning how to have healthy relationships.)

Here's how the Tip looked on HealthTap:

TipTap: Improving Emotional Wellbeing

Love may be better than Valium. Young adults in long term relationships are less anxious & less neurotic.
                                                   Dr. Barbara Lavi  Clinical Psychologist

The tiip comes from recent research 

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