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Monday, June 17, 2013

Motivational Mondays: 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Week

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Here's a Repost from last June. Hope you are enjoying the summer!
Thought for the Day: Somehow weekends always seem to pass too quickly & Mondays arrive sooner than we expect. i choose this photo of brightly colored Fiesta® Dinnerware coffee cups for this post because they hold the key to some of my tips on how to get motivated & jump start your work week. I'm sharing some of my tips based on psychology research, which i won't share here, but would be happy to share later if you would like some references. I would also love to hear your tips as well. Feel free to post a comment with your best tips.

 Tip 1) Add color to your Mondays. I find this to be helpful especially on rainy or stormy Mondays when the weather puts an additional damper on everyone's mood. It can start by choosing a colorful mug for your coffee. I love my bright red coffee mugs for almost any day, but especially find them helpful on dreary days. (The coffee in the mug also helps!) I also tend to choose my most colorful outfits for rainy days. It lifts my mood & tends to do the same for people who I run into who often comment on my colorful outfit. Try it & see what happens!

Tip 2) Add some uplifting music to get you going on Mondays. Radio stations know this trick. If you are a songwriter, you may know that publishing companies are always looking for uplifting up beat songs. Although we all love a good ballad, Monday mornings call for some upbeat music. Pay attention & you will find that morning radio shows play almost exclusively upbeat songs. So turn your radio on or make an uplifting playlist to start your workweek. (Some of my posts from Saturday's Songs for the Soul may help you find some Monday morning music.)
Tip 3) While you are listening to that upbeat music why not dance? Get some exercise. Move to the beat even if it's just for a few minutes, it will improve your mood & make you feel more enthusiastic about getting started.
Tip 4) Spend some time on Sunday or Monday planning some fun activities for the rest of the week to look forward to. Make a date with a friend for lunch or coffee. Choose a movie to see or a museum to visit on a week night or for Friday. Make a plan to connect with a friend that you haven't been in touch with for a while via the phone, facebook or skype. Looking forward to activities over the course of the week will also boost your mood.

Tip 5) Make sure you are finding ways to make your work enjoyable. If you are unhappy with what you are doing at work, you won't feel like starting the week. First, come up with some ideas of things you would like to get involved in at work. Then, speak with your manager & see how you can enhance your experiences at work.  Most managers will encourage workers who have creative suggestions.

What helps you get motivated on Mondays? I hope reading my Motivational Mondays posts every week helps brighten the start of your week as well!  

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