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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday's Comic Strips: Charlie Brown's Take On "One Day At A Time"

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Thought for the Day: I doubt that Alcoholics Anonymous developed the concept of "One Day at a Time" with Charlie Brown's philosophy in mind, but I like the way it makes fun of the human tendency to worry & takes it to a different level. As a psychologist, I help people confront their anxiety & worries every day. I usually advise people to skip the worry & dread & focus on constructive problem solving tasks to address their concerns. This week, in my private practice,  I helped some of my highly creative clients understand & handle their anxiety. Some creatives obsess about all the possible negative outcomes to interpret & predict the events in their lives. This type of creative process is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it can lead to amazing ideas for creative writing. However, it can also lead to isolation, increased anxiety & excessive worry when taken too literally. Other creative clients who look at life through a comic lens are able to find a way to exaggerate & laugh at all the their situations. Instead of worrying about all the negative possibilities, laughter makes their worries smaller & more manageable. Charles Schultz was a master at making fun of our human insecurities.  His legacy continues to help us laugh at ourselves. Have a great Sunday!

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