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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Throwback Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: Denis Waitley & Dr. Lavi on Life Choices

*photo by Mike Baird
Thought for the Day:  Since I am having some computer problems, I decided to do a Throwback Wednesday to post from last June. I hope you like it & have a great day!

"There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or the responsibility for changing them.” Denis Waitley

"There is one more choice in life, even if we accept the conditions as they exist, we can change how we handle them." Dr. Barbara Lavi

I agree with Denis Waitley's quote. He is a bestselling author, keynote lecturer & productivity consultant on high performance human achievement. It is surely is an inspiring call to action. It suggests that as humans, we have the choice to accept the way life is or push ourselves to change the conditions if we do not like them. Although I agree with Waitley, I would take it one step further. His take feels a bit like the photo above. If you accept the conditions as they exist, it may feel as if there are only exit signs & no real choices.

I'd like to offer an additional option. Even if we accept that conditions as they exist, we can change how we handle them. In doing so, we may find alternative ways to alter them that we might not see if we simply accepted them. We don't have to just accept & tolerate them. We can make fun of them, protest against them or search for others who want to change them.  Often when people assume that the conditions are too difficult to change they simply give up & do not take steps to even try. Sharing responsibility sometimes makes it easier to dare to take action.

What conditions do you accept as they exist because you feel you are unable to take on the responsibility to change them on your own?  What helps you take action when you feel that way?

*Photo Credit
photo by Mike Baird,

creative commons by marfis75

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