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Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Fabulous Finds: Everyday Heroes

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Thought for the Day: Last night I received my intern, Steph Jacovino's suggestions for today's post, but did not have time to read them. Since this week's posts have been addressing topics like: Motivational Mondays: Do You Have What It Takes to be a Superhero?, Thursday's Psychology Trivia: Wednesday's Words of Wisdom:  Are Humans Instinctively Selfish or Cooperative? & Denis Waitley & Dr. Lavi on Life Choices, Steph's assignment was to search for finds that highlight the superheroes among us who put others' needs before their own. The common theme is the joy of giving to strangers by everyday heroes.

Larry Bogdanow
This morning, I opened the 1st find & read it. It made me cry, but it also my day. I have been in a pensive mood & very busy this week. The article made me stop. Since tomorrow is the second anniversary of my brother,  Larry Bogdanow's death, I had been trying to find ways to remember him that would feel right. The post pushed the envelope & made me look back at what I wrote last year. As i did, I realized that in contrast to a year ago, I can feel not only the sorrow, but the joy when I think of my brother.  Larry was one of my heroes who gave generously of himself to others.

 If you read nothing else this weekend, take the time for "The Cab Ride I'll Never Forget." It will touch your heart & soul. The other finds are uplifting examples of everyday heroes putting others needs before their own & giving to the community.  Thanks Steph for doing a great job! I hope you enjoy these finds. Come back tomorrow for Saturday's Songs for the Soul (the 1st entry from February 2013) which I started last February in honor of my brother.

The Cab Ride I’ll Never Forget  By Kent Nerburn, from his book: Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace: Living in the Spirit and Prayer of St. Francis, posted on Zen Moments  Author Kent Nerburn tells of his most memorable experience as a taxi driver. It shows that a little bit of patience & consideration can go a long way.
By Kent Nerburn
By Kent Nerburn
Super Caden

Tiny Superheroes [Video] By Aaron Olson & Diana Bull  In four short months, Robyn Rosenberger has made over 500 children with illnesses feel like superheroes. Then she posts their stories online, & gives a face to their medical conditions.

Dwight Orchard
Toronto College Student Saves Stranger from Subway Tracks From The Star, By Niamh Scallan 
Would you jump onto train tracks to save the life of a man, whom you never met before? College student Dwight Orchard says “I had to.” Read more about his life-saving deed.

Police Officer’s Touching Gift for Girl From Yahoo! Shine, By Elise Sole We expect policemen to be our heroes when they put their lives in danger, but a California police officer went above & beyond the call of duty in a different way while responding to a report of a stolen bicycle.

Boston Marathon Winner Returns his Medal to City from The Associated Press, By Tracee Herbaugh,
Lelisa Desisa, winner of the Boston Marathon, returned his medal to the city of Boston on Sunday to remember the victims of the Boston bombing. Through a translator, he said, “sports should never be used as a battleground.”

Who are your everyday heroes? I'd love to hear about them. They may be an inspiration to my readers. Please share their stories!

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Photo Policeman Above & Beyond Call of Duty Nina Sanchez/Oxnard Police Department/Facebook

Superhero Caden from Tiny Superheroes website

Boston marathon Fay Foto
Photo: Taxi Union Square 2007 by Thomas Hawk
Photo: Taxi Union Square 2007 by Thomas Hawk

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