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Friday, June 21, 2013

#FF Fri's Fab Finds: 3 Yr Old & Teen Heroes, Autism-Friendly Haircuts, Championing Disabilities, & A Medical Miracle

Thought for the Day: I don't know about you, but I am very glad today is Friday. It is amazing how much I rely on my computer to get things done. On Wednesday, my computer screen went blank. It had been acting up, but it's an older Mac & seems to keep on running despite it's quirkiness. This time I had a hunch that the charger had stopped working. Luckily, I had completed my Wednesdays Words of Wisdom on fatherhood before it died. I had a busy day with clients but during my only break, I was looking forward to getting some exercise. Tuesday night I arrived at my health club after work only to find that they were closed due to a power outage. I had been in New York City on Monday, so I was not a happy camper when I realized I had to go get my computer checked out instead. I won't go into the details, but last night after a trip to the library & some work on a borrowed computer,  I was finally able to get back onto my computer.

My new team of interns really saved the day! Yesterday I edited & posted a wonderful guest post by Claire Freeman looking at the Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy from a different perspective. Last night, I received an e-mail from another new intern, Steph Jacovino, who has been helping find great articles for Friday's Fabulous Finds. This was her second week helping out & she aced the task! All but one of the finds are thanks to her work. I had a couple more, but will post them next week. You will be hearing more about my Dream Team of interns soon! I am so fortunate to have them helping me. Here are this week's finds:

Jameson Kessler, 3-Year-Old Indiana Boy, Donates Bone Marrow to Sister Samantha, 1, To Save Her Life The Huffington Post By Ron Dicker A 3 year old boy from Indiana volunteered to donate bone marrow to save his 1-year-old sister’s life. This boy, who calls himself, “Marrow Man,” says he is “going to make her feel better, & then I’m going to save her when she’s in trouble.” This young boy is a true superhero. (Video & text)
Nicole Kelly Facebook

Nicole Kelly, Born with One Arm, Wins Miss Iowa By Eliza Murphy ABC News Nicole Kelly is certainly an inspiration. She was crowed the 72nd titleholder of Miss Iowa, & she did it all with only one arm. This January, she will compete for the title of Miss America. To learn more about her click on the title of this find. (text)

Teenager’s Inspiring Father’s Day Billboard by This is not your average Father’s Day story. Kiana Deane, 16, designed a Los Angeles billboard asking fathers to “step up” this Father’s Day. Kiana, who grew up in foster care, asks all fathers to be a parent, especially to young daughters. (Video)

Snip-Its tries to make haircuts easier for children with autism By Mari-Jane Williams A new salon in Washington has opened, which allows children with autism to get quick, professional hair-cuts without the sensory overload that a normal hair salon can bring. (Text)

How One Dad Inspires Teenagers to Make 33,000 Burritos for the Homeless What started off as a lesson in humility became a life-changing charity. When two parents asked their children to feed the homeless one morning, they never knew it would turn into a non-profit organization, feeding over thirty thousand hungry stomachs. (Video & Text)

Toddler Hears dad's Voice for the First Time By Staff at Charlotte News Watch a video of a toddler who thanks to a new medical procedure hears his father's voice for the 1st time. (video)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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