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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday's Songs for the Soul: Universal Mother

(Photos from see below)

Thought for the Day:  After 2 days of listening to thoughtful academic papers on all aspects of motherhood, I came home & started thinking about preparing a second week of my Songs for the Soul on Motherhood. When I began to look for a version of My Yidishe Moma, I found a wide selection of the song in multiple languages by some well known & some new artists & decided to post them all. It is a soulful lament of a child who has lost his mother & appreciates her in ways he may not have when she was with him. I will share some of my impressions from the conference, however, the tendency of men, women, & society to undervalue the worth of mothers around the world was evident in much of the research. Perhaps we should all pay attention to the moving words of this song that has touched people the universal mother & a child's realization of how much he misses his mother, values her & wishes he had let her know. 

This post is dedicated to my daughter, Lee, single working mom, who is graduating this weekend with a Masters in Special Education! I am so proud of her accomplishments!
1) My Yiishe Moma in Russian as a Tango, 2) Salim Halali-Ma Yiddish Mama-album d'orin, in Arabic from Morocco, 3) Charles Aznavour, La Yidishe Mama in French, 4) Tom Jones, My Yidisha Moma In English, 5) Neil Sedaka, My Yidisha Momma in Yiddish & Englis, & 11 year old, Daniel Pruzansky, A Yiddishe Mame in Yiddish.


All Photos in Montage found on
Clockwise from Top:
Mother with Child in Red hat:
Mother with infant in pink blanket:
Mother with child in brown shirt (Sweet):
Mother wearing black shirt with red trim:

Center photo
Mother & infant laughing:

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